‘On the 24th of February, 2014, eight persons met in the Board Room of the Trinity Theological Seminary. The meeting had been called at the instance of Rev. Prof. David N.A. Kpobi and the Rev. Dr. Yaw Atta Edu-Bekoe both of the Seminary. The purpose of the meeting was to consult with one another and brainstorm on the formation of a missiological society in Ghana. After much discussion, everyone present at this first consultative meeting agreed that such a society was desirable and would greatly impact the work of mission in our country. The meeting then proceeded to discuss the nature of the society to be formed and other related matters and appointed a Steering Committee under the leadership of Prof. Kpobi to direct affairs of the group on an interim basis. Dr Edu-Bekoe was made interim Secretary.

There was an initial proposal to affiliate with the Evangelical Missiological Society based in the USA with whom Dr Edu-Bekoe had some contact. This proposal was vigorously pursued and discussed in the next two consultative meetings but was eventually given up in favour of a wholly autonomous society. Subsequent meetings were devoted to the writing of a constitution and preparations for inauguration of the society. Meanwhile, the idea was publicized in various academic institutions in the country and a membership drive increased the number of participants in the consultative meetings. The constitution was finally approved during the fifth consultative meeting held on 15th December 2014 and elections were held during the next meeting (6th consultative meeting) to elect the first officers for the Society.

After eight consultative meetings, the Missiological Society was inaugurated during a grand ceremony on Wednesday, 11th November 2011 at the Trinity United Church on the campus of the Trinity Theological Seminary under the theme: Missiology: An African Perspective. The ceremony was presided over by Prof. Gillian Mary Bediako, Vice Rector of the Akrofi- Christaller Institute, and the keynote address delivered by the Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Kwaku Asante. The Second Lady of the Republic, Mrs Matilda Amissah-Arthur, who also serves as Honorary Patron of the Missiological Society, graced the occasion with her presence and delivered an address to the gathering.

The Missiological Society of Ghana looks into the future with great hope trusting in the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the unfailing commitment of all members.