EMS Memorandum of Understanding

Evangelical Missiological Society (EMS), North American Board has voted to pursue an affiliation with the MSG/WAMS for the next 3 years. They have asked Dr. Enoch Wan to be the liaison between the EMS and MSG.  Ed Smither, the current President and EMS Board envision collaborating with MSG in the following ways:

  • Mutually consulting on facilitating missiological conversations. This could be in the form of people like General Secretary (GS) joining us in Dallas for the annual EMS meeting or perhaps EMS members from North America participating in the West African meetings. I hope Dr. Wan might be able to join MSG for the next conference. Also our former President Bob Priest has been cooperating with African missiologists on some projects and he might also have interest in joining MSG for a future conference in Ghana. Since the GS participated with us in Dallas, we invite him to offer his input on how we approach missiology to conduct our conference, and the themes and topics that we address.
  • Collaborate on some publications. We would invite our African colleagues to contribute articles to the EMS Occasional Bulletins. I am copying editor Allen Yeh and EMS Publications VP Anthony Casey for this. If the MSG has a publication that some of our members could contribute to, then we could share that as well.
  • Sharing information and resources. We can make the mp3 audio files of the EMS 2019 conference available to our West African colleagues. Should MSG colleagues put something online in open source we would love to link to that as well.

In short, the EMS and MSG envisage mutually encouraging one another, sharing resources, and collaborating as they have the opportunity.